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  • PT-VMZ71 Series - LCD Projectors

PT-VMZ71 Series - Compact and lightweight LCD laser projector

Lightest-in-class*1 PT-VMZ71 series LCD projectors deliver up to 7,000 lm*2 for clear, vivid images in well-lit classrooms and offices.

PT-VMZ71 Series
7,000 lm*3 6,200 lm*3 5,2000 lm*3
(W x H x D)

399 mm x 115 mm x 348 mm (not including protruding parts)
399 mm x 133 mm x 348 mm (with feet at shortest position)


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Clear Images That Are Easy to See in Bright Rooms


Thanks to its redefined optical design, PT-VMZ71 Series is the lightest LCD laser projector in its class*1 with up to 7,000 lm*2 from a compact 7.2 kg*2 (15.87 lbs) body. Outstanding image visibility in open spaces, classrooms, and offices is enhanced by 3,000,000:1*4 contrast, vivid color reproduction, and Daylight View Basic, even with the lights on.


Bright Meeting Room
Different Spaces in Education and Corporate

Installation Flexibility Adapts Projection to Any Space

PT-VMZ71 Series features 1.6x optical zoom, V/H Lens-Shift, V/H/Corner Keystone Correction, and new 6-Point Screen Correction that enables distortion-free projection into corners. HDMI®-CEC command and 4K input-signal*5 support make integration easy. Combination of Digital Zoom Extender*6 and optical zoom reduces need to reposition when replacing a ceiling-mounted projector.

Enjoy Smooth and Effortless Collaboration

Optional wireless function*7 supports QR Code*7 connection to Wireless LAN, allowing groups to quickly share documents, photos, and video to the big screen via software*8 and apps*9. Optional Wireless Presentation System PressIT*10 enables content display from almost any device at the press of a button. You can also project media from a USB flash-drive without cable hassle.

Collaboration in a meeting room

*1 According to Panasonic research for the PT-VMZ71 only among LCD laser projectors in the 7,000-lumens-class or higher as of November 2021.
*2 PT-VMZ71 only. For individual model specification, please refer to the specifications table. 
*3 Specification is tentative. Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2020 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped. When [PICTURE MODE] is set to [DYNAMIC] and [LIGHT POWER] is set to [NORMAL]. 
*4 Full On/Full Off, when [PICTURE MODE] is set to [DYNAMIC] and [DYNAMIC CONTRAST] is set to [1]. Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2020 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped. 
*5 Input signals are converted to the projector’s display resolution upon playback. 4K/30p signals are supported via HDMI and DIGITAL LINK terminals (DIGITAL LINK not included on PT-VMZ51S  models).
*6 Resolution may decrease when using Digital Zoom Extender. 6-Point Screen Correction, V/H Keystone Correction, and curved-screen correction are not available when using this function, and range of corner adjustment is limited.
*7 With optional AJ-WM50 Series Wireless Module (sold separately). Availability may vary by country or region.
*8 Available free for Windows® PC only from the Panasonic projector website.
*9 Check device and OS compatibility at the App Store or the Google Play Store.
*10 Availability may vary by country or region. For more information on Wireless Presentation System PressIT, please visit the PressIT webpage.


7,000 lm


LCD laser projector

6,200 lm


LCD laser projector

5,200 lm


LCD laser projector

5,200 lm


LCD laser projector