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Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Type   Rental
Niveau Partenaire   Rental
Catégorie   Projectors

Mevr. Eva De Vriese


Professional Audiovisual Solutions :
Maximize the quality and profitability of your event venue with our fixed install services.
With more than 50 brands on offer and a strong team of specialized technicians, Blue Moon not only ensures a qualitative installation, but also a fast and efficient after-sales service. Maintenance and repairs are done at your location or, if necessary, in our technical workshops.

Buying, leasing, long and/or short term renting? Our team advises you the best choice according to your needs.

AV support for (online) events:
Whether you’re organizing a small meeting or a large international convention, Blue Moon guarantees excellent AV support before, during and after your (online) event.

Together we work to achieve the perfect end result, always relying on our 5 pillars:
Top quality at correct prices
Clear Follow-up
Reliable technicians
Flexible execution
Safety matters


Projectors, Large venue projectors, PT-RQ50 Series, PT-RQ35 Series, PT-RZ31K Series, PT-RZ21K Series, PT-DZ21K2 series, PT-DZ21K series, PT-RQ13 Series, PT-DZ13K series, PT-EX16K, PT-EX12K, PT-DZ110X series, Fixed installation projectors, PT-RDQ10 Series, PT-RZ990 Series, PT-RCQ10 Series, PT-RZ120, PT-RZ970 Series, PT-VMZ60 Series, PT-RZ870, PT-DZ870 series, PT-DZ780 Series, PT-RZ770 Series, PT-RZ670 series, PT-RZ660 Series, PT-MZ16 Series, PT-MZ770 Series, PT-MZ670 Series, PT-DZ770 series, PT-DZ680 series, PT-DZ570 series, PT-RZ570 Series, PT-RZ470/RW430, PT-RZ370/RW330, PT-EZ770 series, PT-EZ570 series, PT-EZ580 series, PT-EZ590 Series, PT-FZ570 Series, PT-FW430 series, PT-DZ6700 Series, PT-LZ370, PT-FW300 Series, PT-RZ575, PT-LRZ35 Series, PT-FRZ60 Series, PT-MZ880 Series, PT-FRQ60 Series, Short throw projectors, PT-CW330 series, PT-TW330 series, PT-TW340 series, PT-CW230 series, PT-ST10, PT-TW230 series, PT-TW343R Series, PT-TW351R Series, PT-TW371R Series, PT-TW381R Series, Portable projectors, PT-VZ580 Series, PT-VZ570 series, PT-VW360 Series, PT-VW350 Series, PT-LB360 series, PT-VW431D, PT-VW430 series, PT-VW340 series, PT-LW271 series/LX270 series, PT-VW330 series, PT-LW25H series, PT-LB3 series, PT-LB412 Series, PT-LB425 Series, PT-LB423 Series, PT-LB426 Series, Lighting Projector, PT-AT5000, PT-AH1000, PT-AT6000, Optional Projector accessories, Lenses for 3-Chip DLP < 35.000 lumens, Lenses for 3-Chip DLP > 35.000 lumens, Lenses for 1-Chip DLP, Lenses for LCD Projectors < 10.000 lumen, Lenses for LCD Projectors > 10.000 lumen, Lenses, Ultra Short Throw Lens, Fisheye Lens, DIGITAL LINK Switcher, Autoscreen Adjustment, Brackets, Lamps, Filters, Frames, Pens, Interface board/conversion cable

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