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Panasonic explains their solutions for the scale-up classroom concept

The purpose of scale-up classrooms centres around an approach to teaching that uses technology to enable interactive, student-led learning. Scale-up classrooms are made up of huddle spaces where students can work in smaller groups for hands-on activities and discussions. This leads to interactions amongst the students and creates an active learning environment.

  • Panasonic & WolfVision bieten gemeinsam integrierte Lösung für Anzeige und drahtlose Präsentation

    Hartmut Kulessa, European…

    Hartmut Kulessa, European Product Marketing Manager bei Panasonic und Christian Loacker, Global Sales & Marketing Director bei WolfVision, geben Ihnen einen Einblick in die Vorteile der brandneuen CYNAP Pure-Lösung von Wolfvision für drahtlose Präsentationen. Wir sehen dies als eine Technologie, welche den Trend von Bring your Own Device innerhalb von Bildungseinrichtungen und Unternehmen weiter fördert. Als Moduleinschub für unsere Panasonic Displays benötigt man für die Nutzung dieser Lösung keinerlei externe Empfänger, Dongles oder Kabel.
  • Panasonic projectors transform Edinburgh Castle into an evening light show

    Historic Environment Scot…

    Historic Environment Scotland wanted to create a light show to attract people from all over. To see something that had never been done before. Their brief was to bring it’s history to life in a fun and engaging way. This is exactly what was achieved with Panasonic projectors and displays.
  • Panasonic Projectors help to create Yotel Edinburgh’s unique 360 degree conference and event space

    Yotel hotels are famed fo…

    Yotel hotels are famed for having technology in all of their hotels, each one having something unique. Their hotel located in Edinburgh has a 360 degree projection space, giving the hotel a fantastic captivating conference and event space, which can be customised for each individual client. Panasonic laser projectors provided a reliable and maintenance free solution for the hotel.
  • Panasonic’s Leading Developments & Collaborations for AV

    Dean Offord gives us the …

    Dean Offord gives us the latest developments within ProAV to support the Education and Corporate AV space – showing an overview of latest cameras, tracking software updates and collaboration partners.
  • Panasonic & WolfVision partner for first integrated display and wireless presentation solution

    Hartmut Kulessa, European…

    Hartmut Kulessa, European Product Marketing Manager at Panasonic and Christian Loacker, Global Sales & Marketing Director at WolfVision giving you an insight of the benefits of Wolfvisions brand new CYNAP Pure solution for wireless presentations. We see it as a technology that will increase the trend towards BYOD within corporate and higher education, and when used with Panasonic display technology it provides a solution that doesn’t require a set top box, dongle or cable.
  • Top 5 Highlights from Panasonic at ISE 2020

    Take a look at the key pr…

    Take a look at the key product announcements from the Panasonic booth at ISE2020. From the world’s smallest and lightest 30,000 laser lumen projector, the latest in E-sport production technology, and collaboration with Wolfvision Cynap Pure.
  • Top 5 de las novedades de Panasonic en ISE 2020

    Echa un vistazo a las nov…

    Echa un vistazo a las novedades de producto más relevantes presentadas en el stand de Panasonic en ISE2020. Entre las que destacan el proyector láser de 30.000 lms más compacto y ligero del mercado, lo último para la producción de E-sports, y la colaboración con Cynap Pure de Wolfvision.
  • Les 5 points forts de Panasonic à l'ISE 2020

    Jetez un coup d'œil aux n…

    Jetez un coup d'œil aux nouveautés produits phares du stand Panasonic à l'ISE 2020. Du plus petit et plus léger vidéoprojecteur laser de 30 000 lumens au monde, à la toute dernière technologie de production e-sport, en passant par la collaboration avec Wolfvision Cynap Pure.
  • Top 5 Highlights von Panasonic auf der ISE 2020

    Werfen Sie einen Blick au…

    Werfen Sie einen Blick auf unsere Produkthighlights am Panasonic Stand der ISE 2020. Vom weltweit kompaktesten und leichtesten 30.000 Lumen Projektor über unsere innovative Produktionstechnologie für E-Sports Events bis hin zur einfachen Zusammenarbeit in Meetings mittels Wolfvision Cynap Pure.
  • Panasonic introducing a full line up of 4K Displays

    Hartmut Kulessa gives you…

    Hartmut Kulessa gives you an update on the upcoming 4K display line up from Panasonic. The new displays series are spec oriented to fit every need from the entrance segment up to the top range.
  • Whatever the application Panasonic has the right projector to fit your needs

    From the cost efficient L…

    From the cost efficient LCD laser series, the 1-Chip DLP Laser models for low maintenance up to the picture perfect 3-Chip DLP laser Projectors, Panasonic offers the full range.
  • Panasonic introducing the new 30.000 lumens 4K laserprojector PT-RQ35

    We are joined by Hartmut …

    We are joined by Hartmut Kulessa, whom provides an overview of the newly introduced RQ35, the world’s most compact and lightweight 30,000 lumen laser projector. We see this model as securing our position as the most widely used projector in the live events market. Technology advances in DLP have allowed us to implement high brightness projectors into a smaller chassis, and due to its size can be either stacked or used alongside lower lumen projectors.
  • Improving the production value of Esports with Panasonic video technology

    We are joined by Thomas V…

    We are joined by Thomas Vertommen, whom provides an overview on the technology used to capture the action within an Esports stage environment, including the 8K ROI camera system and 4K-capable PTZ cameras. Thomas describes the ground-breaking IT/IP-based video platform sitting at the heart of the production, and how it can be used for multiple applications including a switcher, pixel processor, screen manager and much more.
  • Panasonic’s 4K glass-to-glass solution for Esports stage environments

    We are joined by Thomas V…

    We are joined by Thomas Vertommen, whom provides an overview on how Panasonic can provide a full 4K production chain for an Esports stage environment. Thomas covers how the Panasonic RQ50 projector can for backdrops alongside the latest in flat-panel display technology, and enhance the viewing experience for a live audience.
  • A truly immersive chocolate experience with Panasonic’s technology partner Chocolate Nation

    Chocolate Nation, an imme…

    Chocolate Nation, an immersive Belgium experience for visitors to discover the wonders of Belgium chocolate with all their five senses, has managed to attract over 100,000 visitors within the first nine months after the initial opening. Through 14 thematic areas, visitors are taken on a journey from the jungle where cocoa beans are grown, through their transportation across the ocean to Antwerp, to the making of exquisite chocolate delights and, of course, lots of tasting. To guarantee this surrounding for a unique visitor experience as well as a reliable and cost effective business infrastructure for effective operation, Chocolate Nation chose Panasonic as their technology partner. The range of solutions includes 20 professional display screens, 13 laser projectors, security cameras and the latest telephony solutions to deliver the sweet taste of success. To find out more about Panasonic’s professional B2B solutions, visit http://business.panasonic.eu/
  • Panasonic & TeamLab: Imersive experience driven by technology at ARoS museum

    Projectors are one of the…

    Projectors are one of the most important tools when we create exhibitions,” says Noriko Taniguchi from teamLab. “It’s like paint for the painters to make our artwork and concept visible.” Go behind the scenes at ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum in Denmark to discover how teamLab, an art collective from Tokyo that creates artworks using digital technology, used nine Panasonic PT-MZ670 projectors for its latest exhibition.

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ISE 2020 : Panasonic présente sa toute nouvelle plateforme orientée IP/IT, pour des projections audiovisuelles innovantes

ISE 2020 - Panasonic présente sa toute nouvelle plateforme orientée IP/IT, pierre angulaire de la chaîne de production audiovisuelle du futur ISE 2020 - Panasonic présente...

Panasonic enrichi l’offre de location de solutions audiovisuelles LANG AG avec son vidéoprojecteur laser 50 000 lumens

LANG AG INVESTIT DANS LE DERNIER PROJECTEUR HAUTE LUMINOSITÉ DE PANASONIC. Le projecteur laser 50 000 lumens de Panasonic est venu enrichir l’offre de solutions de location sans services supplémentaires de LANG AG...

Panasonic dévoile sa nouvelle gamme de vidéoprojecteurs laser LCD ultra-performants et silencieux

Panasonic : une nouvelle gamme de vidéoprojecteurs laser LCD ultra-performants et ultra-silencieux pour l’enseignement et les entreprises Panasonic : une nouvelle gamme de vidéoprojecteurs...

Panasonic dévoile sa nouvelle gamme PT-RCQ10, composée de projecteurs mono-DLP aux couleurs ultra vives

Nouveaux projecteurs mono-DLP aux couleurs ultra-vives : Panasonic annonce la sortie de la gamme PT-RCQ10. Nouveaux projecteurs mono-DLP...



Panasonic étoffe sa gamme d'écrans 4K avec une nouvelle série d'entrée de gamme

Présentée par Panasonic Business à l’occasion de l’ISE 2019, la gamme d’écrans 4K s’agrandit avec la série CQ1, qui comprend six nouveaux modèles prévus pour une utilisation dans les espaces collaboratifs.

Panasonic présente un système de présentation sans fil à InfoComm 2019

À l’occasion de l’InfoComm 2019, Panasonic a annoncé la sortie d’un nouveau produit dans la gamme d’écrans haut de gamme SQ1 : un système de présentation optionnel Plug and Play sans fil, améliorant le potentiel des collaborations dans les environnements d’entreprise.

Panasonic facilite le travail des opérateurs grâce aux nouveaux vidéoprojecteurs laser tri-LCD

Panasonic has launched a new series of LCD laser projectors, with the PT-MZ16K range specifically designed to reduce the AV managers workload in businesses and universities with simplified set-up, maintenance free operation, and countermeasures which mitigate the impact of technical faults.

Panasonic perfectionne sa technologie de couleurs avec de nouveaux projecteurs LED RVB

Panasonic has announced the addition to its portable projector range at InfoComm 2019, with the 1-Chip DLP® PT-LRZ35 series being the first to use RGB LED light sources for application in collaborative environments.

Panasonic collabore avec Stumpfl pour assurer la compatibilité avec les nouveaux serveurs médias Pixera

Panasonic and AV Stumpfl® have announced a technical collaboration at ISE 2019, which will see full compatibility between the newly launched PIXERA media server and Panasonic’s high brightness projector line up.

Panasonic impose les standards des technologies 4K et laser à ISE ’19

Panasonic Business has used ISE 2019 as a platform to introduce its full transition to laser in high brightness projection with the addition of two 4K laser units, alongside the expansion of its 4K display range.

Panasonic lance le video wall aux bords les plus fins au monde

Panasonic is set to release two high end professional LCD video wall displays with the world's thinnest bezel to bezel, of just 0.88mm, and advanced colour management.

Panasonic étoffe son offre d’écrans 4K avec 10 nouveaux modèles

Panasonic has bolstered its 4K display line up, with the expansion of the premium SQ1 series and the brand new entry range CQ1 series set to complete the company’s line up of 4K digital signage solutions, which now meets the needs of the entire market.

Panasonic dévoile un projecteur laser 4K qui optimise les couleurs pour les environnements immersifs

Panasonic has used ISE 2019 to announce a brand new 1-Chip DLP™ 4K laser projector featuring 10,000 lumens brightness and enhanced colour technology, making it particularly suited to immersive environments.

Panasonic atteint de nouveaux sommets avec un projecteur 4K de 50.000 lumens

Panasonic has announced the launch of the world’s first single body 50,000 lumens 3-Chip DLPTM SOLID SHINE laser projector with True 4K resolution, providing new potential for creating transcendent experiences across live events and themed entertainment.

Panasonic annonce une lentille zero offset qui va changer la donne

Panasonic has announced details of three new zero offset lenses for its range of 1-Chip and 3-Chip DLP™ projectors, including a world’s first UST lens to feature a powered optical zoom.

Sviatovid, le nouveau spectacle de projection sur sculpture de Bart Kresa presenté à ISE 2019

Panasonic Business et Integrated Systems Europe s’associent pour présenter le tout nouveau spectacle de projection mapping du maître de la projection Bart Kresa à plus de 100 000 personnes lors de l’ISE 2019.

Panasonic mise sur le tout laser pour le segment de la haute luminosité

Panasonic a annoncé vouloir consacrer toute sa gamme haute luminosité aux projecteurs laser et abandonner la série PT-DZ21K, ce qui offrira au marché de la location et de l’événementiel des appareils plus fiables et nécessitant moins d’entretien.

Panasonic lance la gamme de projecteurs laser portable 6000 lumens la plus compacte au monde

Panasonic vient d’annoncer le lancement d’une nouvelle gamme de projecteurs laser LCD portables, qui regroupe les modèles les plus petits et les plus légers du marché dans leur catégorie de luminosité.

ISE 2019 : Panasonic dévoilera ses nouvelles gammes de projecteurs laser à très haute luminosité et ses technologies interactives

La liberté de créer : telle est l’aspiration de Panasonic, présent à l’ISE 2019 pour offrir aux professionnels de l’audiovisuel une gamme de technologies fiables et les aider à repousser leurs limites pour les spectacles en direct, l’affichage public, l’enseignement et les applications collaboratives.


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