MARK Display is the lightweight, ergonomic wearable scanner that presents crucial information when and where your workers need it most. The smart scanner module replaces traditional Mobile Computer Guns in combination with any smart device.  MARK DISPLAY MOBILIZES:The hand-free, real-time, data-first approach provides flexibility and independence for picking, sorting and sequencing processes. MARK Display is designed with a non-reflective e-ink display right at the back of the hand to communicate essential process details right within line of sight. Connectivity: Android App, iOS SDK or via USB (Gateway) Battery runtime: approx. 10000 scans

Caractéristiques Techniques Complètes

Dimension 50mm x 45mm x 18mm / 1.9in x 1.7in x 0.7in
Weight 48g / 1.7oz
Warranty 12 months
Compatibility All TOUGHBOOK Products